Alexander E. Mohr (Alex)

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Since 2008, I've been working at the Google office in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood.

Research Interests

My research broadly focuses on multimedia networks and systems, with an emphasis on reliable delivery of time-sensitive multimedia, and the algorithms necessary for such networks and systems to operate efficiently. In a typical project, we first identify the problem we're interested in solving, develop a system framework that has the capability of solving the problem in question, develop algorithms to optimize the resulting systems, and finally implement the algorithms and systems to test their performance in both simulated and real-world environments. We often use PlanetLab for the real-world tests. For examples of past projects, please see my publication list.


When I was at Stony Brook University, the courses I taught most frequently were Computer Networks (310/534/636), Advanced Multimedia (364), and Data Compression (390/590).

Contact Information

You can reach me via email to my first name at